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      Optimize your listings and rank for key search terms that are relevant to your product with our intelligent suite of tools. Just watch your rankings improve!

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      Track your product ideas, monitor daily sales and even track your competitors’ every move to gain valuable insights so that you can make smart decisions for your Amazon business.

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    Cypherly provides you with a number of state-of-the-art tools for every important process when it comes to selling on Amazon because sellers need much more than just basic product research tools.

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    Product Finder

    Instantly trawl Amazon’s three billion-plus products to identify the best opportunities. Find best-selling products within your target market with powerful filters such as sales, reviews and price. Then add them to your personalised product tracker.

    • Access to unique data that only Cypherly users can see
    • Tap into niche markets where there is less competition - opportunities are given a rating based on how easy it is to rank on page one

    Product Tracker

    Track potential opportunities and trends and keep up to date with your competitors’ products. View price changes, product alterations, sales volume and other crucial metrics.

    • Access to Amazon Best Sellers Rank data to see current sales trends, as well as historical sales volume
    • Updated in real-time so you’re always getting the most up-to-date information

    Keywords Finder

    Get access to the most accurate, easy-to-use and relevant search terms and metrics, generated from a deep understanding of Amazon’s algorithm, keyword trends and natural language processing.

    • Powered by an AI engine for optimum precision, accuracy and speed
    • Paired with a CPC estimator for optimum spend - you can see how competitive the keyword would be and the difficulty to rank for certain keywords

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      What customers are saying

      Cypherly are hands down the absolute leaders when it comes to software for selling on Amazon. I'm not the most tech savvy person so when I say the Cypherly tools are easy to use and save me so much time when it comes to product research and keywords then it speaks volumes! I'm can’t recommend them enough!


      This is clearly a company that is passionate in creating software that really helps Amazon sellers and it shows through their tools and customer service. I would highly recommend this over any other alternative because not only are you getting incredible tools, but you are also getting next level support every step of the way!


      I’ve been a user since it first launched and it honestly just keeps getting better and better.


      The perfect tool for searching for that right product. It also gives you all the information you need to get started on your Amazon journey the right way!


      One of the very few softwares out there that provides an easy to use interface for the user.


      Very easy to use! My personal favourite feature so far would be the Today’s Opportunities screen. Perfect product opportunities shown daily!


      An easy to use and yet very powerful one stop shop software that has helped me identify opportunities in every niche and find profitable keywords for my product.


      The best platform, training and support out there. If you are selling on Amazon without Cypherly then you're crazy!


      Cypherly has been the single most important tool for me and my business when it comes to Amazon product research. The comprehensive information it gives us for each product is invaluable.


      Having tried so many other platforms out there for the reliable data that we need to find products, keywords, track our own products and our competitors we eventually found Cypherly. We couldn’t be happier that we found it! No other tool out there can get close when it comes to the data they provide.


      The best platform I have ever used and the only tool out there that I truly trust the data it provides!


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