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    Product Finder

    Instantly scan over 3 billion products on Amazon to identify the best product opportunities and niches.

    • Easily discover high-demand, low competition profitable product opportunities in seconds.
    • Make smarter decisions with our unique data and Opportunity Indicator feature, which is a proprietary algorithm that can help predict a products success on Amazon.

    Product Tracker

    Track products, trends and ideas so you never miss out on an opportunity.

    • Simplify the process of monitoring and tracking any Amazon product.
    • View price changes, sales volumes, high converting keywords, spot trends, unexpected spikes, seasonality and many other crucial metrics.

    Keywords Finder

    Our deep understanding of Amazon’s algorithm, data, keyword trends, and natural language processing makes this a very powerful keyword tool for Amazon sellers.

    • Easily find and track high-volume search terms that are relevant to your product.
    • Obtain useful and highly accurate data on keywords including access to our Rank on Page One tool, which is a proprietary tool that can give Amazon sellers a blueprint and timeline to ranking one page one for each search term.


    Instantly get a clear picture of a products profit potential so that you can make quicker and smarter decisions on what opportunities to pursue.

    • Access all the information you need to calculate the profitability of your products, including Amazon fees, FBA fees, cost of goods and many more.
    • Find products with the lowest fees and the best profit margins.

    Review Intelligence

    Instantly analyse a product listing and its reviews to reveal which features are being met with customers’ approval and what pain points, and product issues aren’t.

    • Uncover customer insights to see where there are gaps in the market that can be exploited.
    • Reveals trends in customer feedback for a product.

    Product Journal

    Track your competitors’ every move - from a simple image change to the insertion of a new keyword - so that you can be reactive to the market and take advantage of any opportunities.

    • Everything is tracked and documented so you can see what changes have made a difference to sales
    • Follow trends in top-sellers’ actions, capitalising on the most effective adjustments
    Product Journal

    Chrome Extension

    Instantly assess opportunities as you browse on Amazon, with the Chrome Extension giving you key insights on potential products and the competition.

    • Powerful plug in play product research tool.
    • Assess a product’s potential from your browser in seconds.
    • Get key product insights such as sales estimates, inventory levels, product profitability, BSR history and much more.

    Listing Creator

    Create better converting Amazon listings and rank higher on Amazon search results.

    • Guarantees you don’t miss important keywords for the front-end and back-end of your product listing.
    • Designed to optimize your listing and rank higher with proven keyword strategies.

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